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Hey All,

I made a similar post to my Facebook wall but wanted to be on this page as well.

If we have ever worked on a production together on or off-campus during enrollment, please reach out and DM me or comment on this “Doc.” Your portfolio and Website information so that you can receive proper accreditation on my online website portfolio and business page.

I plan to hyperlink all of your portfolios inside my own, which boosts our recognition on any web search engine tool, including Googles.

If you hyperlink my own website to your own profile in vice versa, then both of our websites not only increase in rank on Google search but triple, which only better increases the rate and flow of online traffic to our past works. THIS IS EXTREMELY important in the long-range planning of our personal careers.

I’ll hit as many platforms as I can before I start cold calling everyone. Love you guys,

& Please comment back on your web domains! Mine is www.epstages.com

Thanks again.

K, Thanx Bye. <3 <3 <3

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