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Message from President Tymas-Jones
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Dear Cornish Community,

Less than a year ago, I wrote to you to share my pain and bewilderment regarding the never-ending hatred and consequential atrocities, and injustices African-Americans have endured in this country.  The immediate reactions of the masses of the national and international communities to the murder of George Floyd generated for me a feeling of hope that humanity was now courageous enough to stop being tolerant of the thriving history of hatred against Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC).  Nevertheless, today I am saddened that similar atrocities are continuing.  There has been an increase of more than 143% in violent hate crimes since 2020, especially against the elderly, and in the wake of the rise since the beginning of the pandemic.   Only five days ago, eight Americans, six of whom were Asian-Americans, fell victim to the ongoing threat of the results of racism and xenophobia.  Although the authorities have not charged the perpetrator’s action as hate crimes, it is complicated, if not impossible, to deny that race was not a significant factor.   The work of anti-racism continues!!!

As an institution that appreciates and values humanity, it is more important than ever that we as artists and creatives be fully engaged in the struggle against bigotry and hatred in any form. Cornish College of the Arts must do the work of dismantling the patterns of racism, xenophobia, classism, sexism, and all other “isms” that lead primarily to a disregard and dis-valuation of humanity.  Everyone in the Cornish community must feel safe and that their dignity is esteemed.  The sense of belonging and respect is the responsibility of every citizen of the Cornish community.  I expect every one of this community to interrupt instances of racism and intolerance and report such behaviors to authorities.  I encourage each student, faculty, and staff member to embrace our core values of inclusion and respect.  We are a strong community, and by working together with empathy, humanity, and support for each other, we can realize a more robust and more welcoming Cornish.  I am relying on all of us to do our part to make the world we live in a better place.  

Warmest regards,

Raymond Tymas-Jones, Ph.D.  

Neddy Recipient and Finalist are Cornish Alums!
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The Neddy Award is one of the biggest artist grants in the country and last month, 2 of our Art Alums were rewarded for their artistic excellence.

2021 Neddy Winner Anthony White
Photo credit: James Harnois.

Anthony White (’18) was selected as the 2021 Neddy Award winner along with Tariqa Waters.

The 2 selected winners will get $30,000 each in unrestricted funds. The 6 runners-up includes Kimisha Turner (’04) and will each receive $2000.

Neddy Award Finalist
Photo credit: Byrd Waters.

The Neddy Award began in 1996 as a tribute to the life and work of Robert E. [Ned] Behnke and has been stewarded by Cornish College of the Arts since 2011. It is a free and open application call to artists living and working in the greater Puget Sound region.
We extend our thanks to the Behnke Foundation for funding and fully supporting The Neddy Award at Cornish.
CONGRATULATIONS Anthony and Kimisha!! 

2020 BFA revisited
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Photo credit: Winnie Westergard

Last spring, our Senior BFA show for Art and Design was derailed by Covid-19. As our world shut down, projects paused, and much of our activity moved online, plans were being hatched to make sure that the BFA show would happen, as soon as it was safe. 

Fast forward to January 19th 2021, and the class of 2020 was able to finally have their show, with limited in-person attendance, and a fantastic new 3D tour for those who couldn’t be there at the 9th Street Gallery (formally Beebe Building)! 
The BFA Thesis Exhibition: “Contingencies” was adapted for a remote experience to showcase the collected works in advance of the physical exhibition—offering individual “artist galleries” on the exhibit website: 

“We, the graduating Class of 2020 at Cornish College of the Arts’ Art Department, have adapted our conventional curatorial processes to present this year’s BFA Thesis Exhibition on a virtual platform. As (the future of, changes to) collective physical space remains uncertain, we are re-addressing what space is and questioning how its various forms support contingencies for connection. Right now, artists all over the world are relying on impromptu space — from makeshift home studios to virtual thesis exhibitions —  in order to sustain their work and the communities which help to carry them through. This online exhibition, an impromptu space, gives us the opportunity to honor the blood, sweat, and tears put into years of hard work. ”

Photo credit: Winnie Westergard

While the exhibition has ended, the 3D walkthrough is avail here.
For full information on our 2020 Seniors, click HERE to go to the webpage

Virtual Career Day
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Picture is of film degree student working professional film equipment.

Film student checking the shot
Photo Credit: Winifred Westergard

Supercharge your arts career!
Cornish invites you to join us for our first-ever Virtual Career Day, happening on Friday, April 16th, from 11:45am-1:30pm, on Zoom.
Virtual Career Day is for Cornish Alumni and current seniors, with the goal of enhancing your arts career by connecting you with professionals in your field.
Whether you are an experienced Alum or a recent graduate, we hope you will join us.

What to expect from Virtual Career Day ~
As we finalize the plans, this is what we are organizing:
2 keynote speakers, a brief panel on how to launch your arts career, an Artist Trust presentation on professional practices with a quick Q&A afterwards, and a half an hour at the end for you to visit our different breakout rooms and chat with various professionals from the arts industries, much like the in-person career fair tables or booths! 

To join us, please click this registration link to get signed up!

Questions or comments? Reach out to

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