Alumni Newsletter
Aug 20, 2020 @ 0:56
Picture is of Art degree alumna and art student speaking with art professor about their future art career.Art Chair Kevin Goodrich, Board Member Sherry Raisbeck with art student Jahnaya Broadnax Photo Credit: Winifred Westergard

Hello Alums! We are excited to launch a twice-yearly newsletter as a way to keep in touch. Look for this newsletter to land in your inbox during spring and fall semesters. 

In the newsletter you will find news for Alums, such as exclusive Alum perks, career development opportunities, new Alumni initiatives, campus news, volunteer opportunities, and more. What would you like to see in the newsletter? Tell us! We’re here to listen. 

Would you like to be featured in the newsletter? We are looking for submissions from Alums with exciting career moves, life stories, big projects, and more! Contact us to share YOUR story!

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