Whether you attended for a semester or graduated, you are officially an Alum and we welcome you!

We strive to ensure that Cornish remains relevant in the lives of our alumni well beyond the time they leave our halls.
To this end, we seek to provide benefits that will keep alumni connected with the Cornish community and help further the careers and lives of our alumni wherever they may lead.

We are here to facilitate the continual progression of your career and the many paths that you have taken, and will take.

Alumni Benefits:

** Covid restrictions 

Don’t be a stranger! 
Alumni Key Cards are available for FREE to all Alums of Cornish. 

Visual Arts or Theater Alums will have access to MCC.
Dance or Music department Alums will have access to Kerry Hall and MCC.

New graduates will be able to get their Alumni cards once they are officially conferred, typically 2 months after graduation. Student cards will still be active until conferral.  

*All alumni must have a new card made, including recent alums still in possession of their student cards.*

To get your Alumni Key Card complete this online form and then contact Cornish Security to schedule a pick-up date. Note: form requires a Google email with your Cornish email credentials.

Cornish Security:  206.726.5038     msecurity@cornish.edu

Our Registration and Records Office is where you can order official and unofficial transcripts, and reorder diplomas. 

Please visit their page for more information.

The Writing Center

If you need help with your resume and cover letter, or are working on any other text based materials, the Writing Center is still available to you.
Alumni may schedule a consultation with Writing Center staff for personalised writing support in live, one-to-one meetings, or through video feedback which you can access at your convenience. 

Visit the Writing Center page for more information.

Library Services

The Library is still a valuable resource available to you! Take advantage of the collection and check in with our excellent Librarians at Cornish when you undertake your next venture!

You will need your Alumni ID to access the Library. 

To check out materials, there is an annual $50 fee. 

Please visit the Library page for more information.

Mentorship Program

If you’ve ever been interested in being a mentor, or would like to have a mentor, please check out the Mentorship Program tab on this page for all the details.

Virtual Career Day

We are planning a virtual career day for Spring 2021!

Stay tuned for more details for this exciting event. Whether you are looking for a new job, just starting out, or able to offer jobs to people, this is the spot to network and cultivate new connections.

If Virtual Career Day interests you, please contact alumni@cornish.edu for more information. We would love to have you involved!

Welcome to our Mentorship Program! 

We are pleased to offer our newly created Mentorship Program, which aims to help those just starting their careers navigate their next steps with someone who has had a similar professional path.

Mentors will work with mentees to strategize on career paths, help foster professional skills, and increase networking opportunities. 

Mentoring is a big part of the ever changing landscape of art, and its place in our society. 

Our Alumni mentors are ready to help current 4th year students and recent Alums to aid in their professional career goals. 
Be a Mentor.  Be a Mentee 

Mentorship Program Description:

  • What is the duration of a mentor/mentee assignment?   For the school year – September through May. 
  • How are people paired?  The Alumni Office will do the pairing with the help of each department, when needed. Requests for a particular person can be honored on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Will there be a kick-off meeting?  Yes! We will schedule a virtual meeting with each mentorship pair in the Fall to go over everything and answer questions. Stay tuned!
  • What are general expectations?
    Mentorship Program Rules:
  1. For Mentors: you are expected to coordinate and schedule sessions.
  2. For Both: be mindful of confidentiality. Specify what you would like to remain confidential.
  3. For Mentors: be direct without offending, and coach without criticizing.
  4. For Both: any form of harassment, including denigrating comments based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, ethnicity, disability, or age will not be tolerated.
  5. For Both: unauthorized sharing of proprietary information developed by mentees, and vice versa, is prohibited.
  6. For Both: mentoring assignments will be changed as needed to remedy potential conflicts of interest.
  7. For Both: a professional relationship between mentors and mentees must be maintained at all times.
  8. For Both: each party must meet in open areas. In the case of a conference or office space, the room must have windows in public view and/or have more than one other individual present.
  9. For Mentors: please don’t invite the mentees to your home, to recreational properties, to recreational events, or any other event not connected with a professional relationship, as that violates the boundaries of the mentor/mentee relationship. This could result in the dismissal of the mentor from the program. 
  • How do people meet virtually?  Mentor and mentee will be able to coordinate which online platform works best for them.  
  • How frequently is meeting recommended?  It will depend on schedules and demands of mentor and mentee. We advise holding, at minimum, three, 30 minute sessions during the September through May time frame. Of course, mentors and mentees are welcome and encouraged to meet more frequently, and a monthly half hour meeting is a popular option. 
  • Will there be an end of year group meeting?  Yes! We are planning on a group meeting for May 28th, 2021 depending on social distancing rules at that time.
    If mentors and mentees would like to continue their work beyond this program timeline, they may coordinate further their own plans.

For questions or comments, please email alumni@cornish.edu for help

**Due to Covid-19, the Cornish campus is restricted to current students, faculty, and some staff. If you need to use the Library, please call them at: 206-726-5145 for possible entry approval.**

You are welcome in the Cornish library! There’s no charge for coming into the space to work, research, or read. 

You will need your Alumni Key Card to access MCC. See the previous section on Alumni Key Cards. If you’d like to check out materials, there is an annual fee of $50. 

For more detailed information, visit the Library page of the Cornish

Come visit and take advantage of this great resource.

* Rentals may be impacted due to COVID-19 *

Cornish Alumni are eligible to rent space in our venues at a discounted rate, which varies by venue. 

Need Raisbeck Hall for a performance? Looking for The Playhouse? All are available to rent!

Please visit the Rentals Page to learn more and/or start the rental process, or email rentals@cornish.edu for Alumni specific rental questions. 

NEW – Free Counseling available to Cornish Alums! We are partnering with City University of Seattle and their Counseling Center to offer affordable sessions with their Masters of Counseling students. 

Mention Cornish, and they will waive the fee! Check out City University’s page for more information.

Additionally, all Alumni are offered a complimentary, one-time referral session with our Cornish counselors to assist you in finding affordable counseling services in your local area. 

If you are interested in a referral session, please contact our Director of Counseling Services, Lori Koshork at: lkoshork@cornish.edu or  206.726.5027.

There are a lot of ways to stay involved with Cornish through volunteering!

Mentorship: We are currently accepting new Mentors, to guide recent Alums through their first years out of college. See the Mentorship Program above for complete details.

Panel Discussions: Our Admissions Office regularly holds discussion panels for various events, and are always looking for Alums to volunteer and join in.

Please check out this page to connect with our Admissions Office and find out when their next panel will be. 

Annual Scholarship Gala: Cornish holds our Annual Scholarship Gala each fall, to raise funds to directly support student scholarships. We are always looking for energetic individuals to help out with this fun, fast-paced event. Email alumni@cornish.edu to learn more. 
** For our Fall 2020 Gala, we are all virtual this year, and would love to have you there!
Check out the Gala page for details on free tickets, entertainment, and more. 

Social Media Ambassador: This volunteer position is critical to the success of Cornish, and couldn’t be easier! You simply agree to help promote Cornish through social media, using as much or as little time as you feel comfortable with. 

Email alumni@cornish.edu to sign up as a Social Media Ambassador. All Social Media Ambassadors will receive a thank you gift for signing up, join us!

*Due to Covid-19, shows are offered online, free of charge.**

We offer our Alumni discounted tickets to Cornish shows, with an Alumni ID. Please check out the Cornish Calendar of Events and come see a show!

Space Rental: 
**Rentals may be impacted due to Covid-19**
Cornish Alumni are eligible to rent space in our venues, including at The Cornish Playhouse, at a discounted rate. 
The discounted rate varies by venue. Please visit the Rentals Page to learn more and/or start the rental process, or email amurray@cornish.edu for Alumni specific rental questions. 

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